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27.11.11 Peak Cavern. A total of 11 members turned up, 3 having to cancel for one reason or another prior to the trip. 7 members enjoyed a Tourist trip around all the sumps, the water was quite low in the majority of sumps and members were able to push somewhat further than normal! On the way out, the 7 adventured down to Styx Inlet sump, the water being a good metre lower than normal in the sump. Members exited about 1.30pm - some 4 hours after going in. The rest of the club members enjoyed a strenuous trip to Moss Chamber and return, exiting about an hour after the other group.


24.09.11 Ogof Fynnon Ddu II. 8 members enjoyed a Saturday day trip into OFD, inside we split into 2 groups, 3 doing an easy trip to Trident and return, whilst 5 others did a more exerting trip to try and do a through trip to Cwm Dwr. However, a greater number of traverses were encountered than thought. Route finding became a little protracted and the route back to OFD II was retraced, with the 5 exiting just before 7pm, nearly 7 and half hours after entering!

25.09.11 Cwm Dwr. 5 members and 1 from Chelsea Caving Club went to do a short trip into Cwm Dwr I. However only 4 went in as one thought the better of a difficult entrance. 3 members did a very quick trip to the main streamway to check the route for a through trip next time we are there. The route was quite damp and all exited at about 2pm. The fifth member checked all other holes in the quarry including a trip into Quarry Cave.


17.09.11 P8. 3 members and 2 novices enjoyed a trip down P8 to the top of the 2nd pitch and return. The first pitch was somewhat wet and sporty!


28.08.11 Waterways Swallet. A small number of members enjoyed a trip down Waterways Swallet to Blore Street and return.


17.08.11 Jugholes. A small number of members and novices met for an evening trip around Jugholes cavern.


02.05.11 Carlswark Novice trip. A grand day out as a 6 members, 3 youngsters and 3 novices looked around the delights of Carlswark. The upstream end of the sump was explored and found to be 20+ feet lower than normal - an extra 60+ metres was gained. Then Big Dig was checked and found to be dry so we had a look at the collapse. We all finally emerged about 4.15pm some 4+ hours after going in!


01.05.11 Titan trip. 5 members dropped Titan entrance and went for a look around the top bit to Absolution.


29.03.11 P8 - Jackpot. 4 members and a guest met at Perryfoot for an evening trip down P8. Neil had arrived early with Mike S and prerigged 2 shafts and Bone pitch. An enjoyable trip with nice low water levels was taken to Sump 1, then a return to the surface by about 9pm. It was an enjoyable first time down P8 for a couple of us!


06.03.11 Peak Cavern. The club had a trip to Peak cavern, 2 members - Mark C and Neil G had a strenuous but enjoyable trip to the White River Series, finally exiting about 4pm. 6 other members and 1 novice had a 'tourist trip' visiting all the sumps! About 3 1/2 hours were spent wading and walking before finally exiting into sunshine about 1.30pm.


19.02.11 Yorkshire trip: Members - Mark C, Rob R, Jim J, Neil G, Frank B
Sat 19th - Lost John's Cave, Leck Fell
All except Frank tackled the cave and reached the Battle Axe traverse. Mark and Neil descended Valhalla and took a look at the final pitch but Jim And Rob stayed at the top of battle Axe due to time constraints. We agreed a return trip would be good, perhaps pre rigging the cave the day before to allow us to explore the bottom.


Sun 20th - Notts 2, Leck Fell
All 5 of us went down the dig and wandered about in the streamway. The cave is one of the best decorated I've even seen, again, we agreed that a return trip with more time would do the cave more justice


30.01.11 5 Members went to Winnatts Head Cave and had a tough trip to Fox Chamber and the boulder choke leading to downstream passage. A very tight squeeze in the boulder choke prevented any further access at about -75m depth from the entrance. About 5 hours were spent underground.


03.01.11 Members went to Wapping Mine complex in Matlock and had a trip around the lower mine workings, then up to Cumberland Cavern Wishing Well and Pool, before exiting via Wapping Mine.


02.01.11 Members enjoyed a trip into Carlswark - down to Dynamite Passage and sump below Stalagtite passage. members then went over for a quick look around Merlins Upper Level.


21.11.10 Peak Cavern Trip - Enjoyable trip down the Devils Arse(!) - 3 members enjoyed the delights of Moss Chamber, 5 members did the tourist trip with a 'shortcut' through Wigwam Aven and Galena Chamber.


A short film about one of our trips is on YouTube:


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